CCD  - Confraternity of Christian Doctrine

The   Confraternity   of   Christian   Doctrine   is   commonly   referred   to   by   its   abbreviation,   CCD,   or   simply   as "Catechism,"    and    provides    religious    education    to    Catholic    children    attending    secular    schools.        CCD education   is   provided   by   dedicated   members   of   the   parish.   It   is   vital   to   children’s   development   as   Catholics. These   classes   not   only   educate   children   about   Jesus   and   the   Catholic   faith   but   prepare   children   to   receive   the sacraments   of   Penance   (confession),   the   Eucharist   (Holy   Communion),   and   Confirmation.      Classes   are   from 9:00—10:15 AM in the school building.


ST PETER ADULT EDUCATION 2018-2019 September 23, Marian Doctrines of the Church, Deacon Labadie October 14, Humane Vitae, Doug Davis November 11, The Church and the Great War, William Dean December 9, Veritatis Splendor, Tom Riello January 13, Transgenderism, Rick Harris February 10, The Origins of the Dominicans, Father Frank Sofie March 10, Evangelizing the Culture, Father James Dean April 14, Dorothy Day, Marinella Lentis All lectures will be at 7:00 pm in Cusack Hall followed by refreshments. Come join us for some truly enriching talks.